Biden to Open Border on May 23 End of Title 42 Protections. Impeach?

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1 April 2022
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National News
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... Biden’s deputies have announced they will lift the Title 42 barrier at the southern border on May 23, allowing a vast wave of wage-cutting, rent-spiking migrants into America’s job and housing markets.

“We are increasing our capacity to process new arrivals, evaluate asylum requests,” said a statement from Alejandro Mayorkas, who heads Biden’s Department of Homeland Security and is trying to build an extra immigration system that operates alongside annual limits set by Congress.

The formal announcement implies that the president will not block the border-opening plan by his deputies.

Without the Title 42 rules, Mayorkas and his allies insist they are required to let anyone at the border appeal for asylum. The process has been overloaded, ensuring that all people who apply for asylum can legally work and live in the United States for several years.

“Their plan is to move people into the country faster,” Sen. James Lankford (R-OK) said on March 30. “That’s their whole plan.”

The administration’s policy is “not to make it better, but to actually make it worse,” Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) added.

“We are telling people ‘If you come to the border, and you claim asylum … You can come in,'” Sen. Bob Portman (R-PA) said on March 30....

Once Biden lifts the Title 42 barrier, Mayorkas and his deputies expect perhaps 500,000 migrants to arrive at the border each month. That number would be higher than the number of Americans who turn 18 each month....

Cairco Notes

WHY IN THE WORLD would the Biiden regime want open borders that will result in half a million illegal aliens entering into America each month?

There are two main components of the answer:

1. The Democrat party believe that every illegal alien they import into America will end up being amnestied and will vote for the Democrat party.

2. The Democrat party is essentially the political arm of the ruling elites - who despise middle-class Americans and will do anything to dilute their political potency.

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