Three Levels of Political Awareness

It seems fairly evident that there are three ascending levels of political awareness:

  1. Judging personalities as opposed to judging policies. There are those who hated Trump and voted for anybody but Trump, but couldn't name a single Trump policy they disliked. Now, they are suffering the consequences of their ill-cast votes.
  2. Framing politics in the traditional Democrat versus Republican dichotomy.
  3. Understanding that we are at war. More correctly, ruling globalist elites are at war with the American people.

The traditional Republican party has been the business as usual, go along to get along, spineless party. Trump successfully spurred the initial transformation of the Republican party into a true populist party - an alignment the Democrats abandoned decades ago.

While the Democrat party tacitly embraces traditional liberals, it now offers a comfortable home to those who demonstrate a profound hatred towards traditional America.

Today, ruling elites wield three powerful weapons:

  • the Democrat party as their political arm,
  • the mainstream media as their propaganda arm,
  • Big Tech as their information filtering / censorship arm.

It would be great if the upcoming 2022 midterms and 2024 election could result in a significant course correction. I'm not so sure that will happen, for three reasons:

a) Many voters haven't reached the third level of political awareness noted above, and therefore will still vote according to outdated precepts.

b) The propaganda and censorship arms of the ruling elites are immensely effective.

c) Shirking their primary responsibility, state legislatures have barely begun to address aspects of election fraud. If election fraud is not addressed quickly and uniformly in all states, upcoming elections may be skewed and indeed stolen.

Yet now is not the time to give up on the greatest Constitutional Republic in the history of the world. Rather, it is time to take action.

For starters, you could contact your state legislators and ask how they plan to address opportunities for election fraud.


The Praetorians, by Z Man, 7 April 2022:

The video of former president Obama visiting the White House recently made clear that the current president is not really in charge. Joe Biden was seen staggering around the reception looking for anyone to acknowledge him. It was possible he had no idea where he was at the time. Biden’s increasingly deranged public rantings suggest he is reaching his expiry date. The question being quietly debated in Washington is when and how he will be removed from office.

The fact that this question has been normalized since before he was installed in the position speaks to how much things have changed in America. No one really thinks Joe Biden is in charge of himself or the executive branch. It is just assumed that he is a place holder who will be replaced in his first term. Every president represents a coalition of elite interests, but none have been viewed as a figurehead. This is a big change that in time will be seen as an inflection point....

... the question no one bothers to consider is who is making the decision on Biden? No one has provided a clear explanation for who picked him back in the primary. It was clearly not the voters....

Currently, it is a handful of neoconservatives in the foreign policy elite who are running the war against Russia. None of the decisions thus far have involved anyone outside that narrow group. It seems rather clear that no one bothered to consult the financial class about the sanctions regime. No one in Congress has been in the loop or has bothered to ask any questions about it. The lack of debate or dissent is an important clue....

It is tempting reduce this to a handful of shadowy players who operate from a hidden lair, but in reality it is probably a collection of people. It is called the intelligence community because it is mostly an informal collection of people and institutions that come together for a common purpose. The change we have seen recently is that it is the intel community calling the shots, rather than the semi-permanent political elite using the intel community to remain in power.... In the fullness of time, the Biden period will be seen as the time when this shadowy group of figures became the Praetorian Guard.

Video: Compromised Biden Cannot Lead America or The World

Recommended 2 minute video: "Our Establishment class is actually at war with Working and Middle class Americans." - Lee Smith, Author, The Permanent Coup, 27 March 2022. "The Ukraine messaging... is the most recent iteration of a series of information operations run against the American public."