Biden Regime's 7 Year Prison Sentence for Green Beret Jan 6 Whistleblower Re-Opens Festering Wounds of Fedsurrection Lie

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21 April 2023
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National News
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We at Revolver News have long maintained that the curious case of Ray Epps, together with the unbelievable official story pertaining to the January 6 “pipe bombs”, constitute the two smoking-guns of the January 6 Fedsurrection. The January 6 Fedsurrection doesn’t just have smoking guns, however — it also has a heroic whistleblower. As far back as March 2021, former Green Beret Jeremy Brown went public with a recording he took that depicted JTTF/DHS agents trying to recruit him as an informant ahead of January 6, raising significant questions as to government infiltration of militia groups as well as federal foreknowledge that something was going to take place on that day.

Sadly yet predictably, Jeremy Brown may have to suffer the the same fate as Julian Assange and other brave souls who dared to expose Regime corruption. Earlier this month, the Biden Regime’s politically weaponized Justice Department sentenced Jeremy Brown to 87 months in federal prison...

It is important to note that Brown emphatically denies the grenade charges for which he was convicted, as well as the charges relating to classified material....

So what changed between January 6th and September 30th that would have provided extra motivation for the feds to raid Brown’s home and arrest him for nine-month-old trespassing charges? In March, Jeremy Brown came forward with a video and audio recording of him being approached by two government agents in December of 2020 who seemingly try to recruit him as a confidential informant to infiltrate the Oath Keepers in order to prevent “the next big thing.”...

Sadly, yet predictably, the full punitive force of our weaponized and politicized justice system seems to be reserved for those brave few like Jeremy Brown who expose it for what it is....