Biden's open-border idiocy will be to blame for terrorist attacks

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As a former FBI Assistant Director, I have never been more terrified of an imminent terror attack on US soil, warns Chris Swecker
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Chris Swecker
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Daily Mail
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6 June 2024
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National News
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America's top law enforcement officials couldn't be any clearer: the threat of a terror attack inside the U.S. is now imminent.

'Every morning, we worry,' Attorney General Merrick Garland told a House hearing on Tuesday.

The risk of a strike, he said, has 'gone up enormously.'

FBI Director Christopher Wray – testifying just across Capitol Hill in the Senate – issued the same urgent warning, saying U.S. domestic security is in the worst condition he's ever seen...

in January, I sent an urgent letter - co-signed by ten other former high-level colleagues - to Congressional leaders urging them to secure the wide-open 1,800-mile southern border...

I understood then – and regretfully acknowledge now – that terrorist murderers intent on striking the U.S. homeland may have already infiltrated America, hidden among more than 10 million illegal immigrants who have entered the country on Biden's watch.

And yet, our President has dithered – opting to play politics instead of prioritizing national security...

For the last 40 years, Iranian surrogates have been trying to burrow into the US, waiting for the order to activate. Then America suddenly dropped its defenses.

Biden's systematic dismantling of border security started on day one of his administration and it completely overwhelmed the ability of law enforcement to vet individuals entering the country...

The conflict in Israel has also revealed another insidious threat: a fifth column within US colleges and universities of sympathizers and supporters of designated terrorist organizations...


Our leaders are traitors