Busload of illegal aliens dropped off at state Capitol in Denver

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Acramax / Denver Post
Article date: 
4 December 2023
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Colorado News
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A busload of migrants was dropped off outside the Colorado Capitol building in Denver on Monday morning in what a city official believes is the latest in a wave of buses chartered by the Texas state government.

“The state of Texas, the governor’s office, has contracted with two or three different bus companies to transport migrants out of Texas to various locations around the country, Denver being one of those locations,” Dreyer said. “That’s our understanding, and that’s how this has operated for several months. Denver has received more than 200 charter buses direct from Texas over the last six months.”...

More than 29,000 migrants, primarily from Venezuela, have arrived in Denver since December 2022...


Way to go, Texas! Texas has reportedly spent $86.1 million and counting to bus illegal aliens out of the state. By doing so, Texas is thwarting the Biden Regime's open borders plan to turn Texas blue by importing millions of future Democrat voters into Texas.

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