California continues trying to buy Colorado's elections

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Vote No on Proposition 113 in November
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Colorado Springs Gazette / Colorado Politics
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23 August 2020
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Colorado News
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As far-left members of the Democratic base hurt and kill people with uprisings throughout the country, a less violent element of socialist revolutionaries hopes a quiet money campaign will buy Colorado’s nine electoral votes. Save Colorado’s sovereignty by voting “no” on Proposition 113 in November.
Here’s the question voters will answer:
“Shall the following Act of the General Assembly be approved: An Act concerning adoption of an agreement among the states to elect the President of the United States by national popular vote, being Senate Bill No. 19-042?”
A “no” vote favors shielding Colorado from California’s effort to buy our votes. Passage of Prop 113 would help socialists move one step closer to putting the outcome of future presidential elections in the control of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Seattle, Portland, and a handful of other large cities that tolerate violent chaos, want to defund police, and consistently vote for high taxes, unionization, and excessive regulation of individuals and businesses.
The country’s founders created the Electoral College to protect small states with diverse concerns from domination by large cities with a handful of special-interest urban concerns....
Monument Mayor Don Wilson, who co-organized the petition to challenge Colorado’s membership in the National Popular Vote Compact, said those favoring the purchase of Colorado’s votes have raised about $3 million. About 98% of the money comes from out-of-state donors, and about 75% of that comes from California donors. Most of the remaining 25% comes from Chicago, New York and a few other reliably left-wing population centers....