The Cargo Cult Mentality Behind "White Privilege"

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Reality is more than just superficial appearances
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The progressive obsession with viewing human beings as blank slates is fundamentally flawed
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Theophilus Chilton
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Neo-Ciceronian Times
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14 May 2023
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Our American Future
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Many of us are familiar with the metaphor of the “cargo cult.” The term itself was coined by the famous physicist Richard Feynman...

Briefly, the phenomenon of the cargo cult was observed in the South Pacific during World War II. Pacific Islanders would observe the Americans building runways and control towers... The islanders would build their own bamboo mockups... expecting that planes full of food and medicines would come to them as well...

Ultimately, cargo cults rested on a form of magical thinking, on the failure to understand the fundamental reasons for why a phenomenon was taking place...

In many ways, the current progressive obsession with "white privilege" is essentially the same kind of thinking...

Yet, as western nations continue to import low-IQ third worlders, they will not be able to maintain the level of civilisation that they have hithertofore achieved...

An excellent example of this is found in the decolonialisation of Africa and other parts of the third world. It showed that you can build the infrastructure of western material civilisation and fill it with the spirit of western law and religion, but you can’t maintain it without Euros or Anglos. When the westerners departed, the streets and sewers and airports were left, but the "mental infrastructure" needed to purvey these resources into genuine societal success were lacking...

The progressive obsession with viewing human beings as blank slates – free of all interference from genetics or inherited culture – is a fundamentally flawed way of understanding humanity...

Civic nationalism is the very quintessence of the nominalism that underlies this cargo cult mentality: we’ll take a non-westerner, give him a piece of paper that says he’s a citizen, and pretend that he becomes one of us merely by naming him as such. Propositional citizenship (and by extension, nationhood) of this type is wishful thinking at its most destructive.

It’s completely cargo cult....


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