Colorado Hospital Refuses Kidney Transplant to Woman Over China Virus Vaccine Refusal

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Epoch Times
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7 October 2021
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Colorado News
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A hospital in Colorado rejected a woman for a kidney transplant after she refused to get a COVID-19 vaccine, officials have confirmed.
Leilani Lutali received a letter on Sept. 28 informing her that the transplant team at the University of Colorado Hospital decided to designate her inactive on the waiting list for transplants.
“You will be inactivated on the list for non-compliance by not receiving the COVID vaccine,” the letter states....
Rep. Tim Geitner (R-Colo.), who first drew awareness to the situation, said in a Facebook Live video that he spoke with Lutali and that she has tested positive for antibodies against the virus that causes COVID-19, but the hospital refuses to make an exception....