Colorado middle school students receive outrageous sex- and racism-filled survey

Article author: 
Renee Parsons
Article publisher: 
American Thinker
Article date: 
28 November 2021
Article category: 
Colorado News
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... the 9R School District in the southwest corner of the state...
As incumbent 9R Democrats denied the existence of CRT (Critical Race Theory), the thirteen-page 2021 Healthy Kids Colorado Survey was being distributed to 9R's middle school students while exposing alarmingly inappropriate topics to 10- to 14-year-olds (AKA sixth- to eighth-graders). A creation of the Colorado Department of Health and Environment (CDPHE), a version of the Colorado Survey recently surfaced in Virginia and is now recognized as a nationally distributed marketing tool funded by the CDC...
Having originally been introduced as a theory of class conflict, socialism has never been successful in America, where class consciousness is replaced by the country's Declaration of Independence and the ability of its citizens to improve its standard of living. In response, the Marxists amended their U.S. agenda to identify social unrest and race as their defining issues while today openly embracing the nuts and bolts of CRT as a "soft sell" using the acceptable mantras of "equity" (not to be confused with equality) and "diversity and inclusion."...
While there are more egregious, objectionable questions than can be addressed in this article, here are just a handful...
4. Some people describe themselves as transgender when their sex at birth does not match the way they think or feel about their gender.  Are you transgender?
7. What is the highest level of schooling your mother completed?
13. Have you ever carried a weapon, such as gun, knife or club?
23. Have you ever been physically forced to have sexual intercourse when you did not want to?
34. Have you ever seriously thought about killing yourself?
36. Have you ever tried to kill yourself?
51. How old were you when you had your first drink of alcohol other than a few sips?
71. How old were you when you had sexual intercourse for the first time?
85. During the past thirty days, where did you usually sleep?
86. If you wanted to get a handgun, how easy would it be for you to get one?
98. During the Covid 19 pandemic, how often did a parent or other adult in your home hit, beat, kick or physically hurt you in any way?
97. During the Covid 19 pandemic, how often did a parent or other adult in your home swear at you, insult you, or put you down?...
If you need to read the answers to each question, some of which are as objectionable and provocative as the question itself...