Cultural Marxism and Critical Theory - The Importance of the Narrative

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Bionic Mosquito
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Lew Rockwell
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9 November 2021
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Our American Future
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The following article explains why facts fail to convince leftists. The narrative - that is, the social programming - is of overall importance. The article discusses the book: The Red Trojan Horse: A Concise Analysis of Cultural Marxism, by Alasdair Elder.

Excerpts follow:

This is the second of two posts on this book by Elder.  In the first, I covered the chapters in which he examined the history of Cultural Marxism and Critical Theory. [Cultural Marxism and Critical Theory: A History, October 22, 2021.]

... Just as Classical Marxism considers that everyone has been fooled by capitalism, Cultural Marxism considers everyone has been fooled by the patriarchy.  Race, gender, sexual orientation, even religion – all are fair game as tools to crush traditional cultural and ethical bounds.

The tactic is always the same: identify a privileged oppressive group; this leads to identifying the underprivileged oppressed group; the oppressive group is then tagged with at least one pathology – an “ism” or a phobia; a victim narrative is established; finally, a feedback loop is established – constant reinforcement of the victim narrative....

This is an individualism, not of responsibility and self-governance, but an individualism of complete isolation, resulting in such a nihilism that the societal fabric is destroyed, and all that is left of the culture is a void. Total dependence on the state (communism) is all that is left.

This can be seen in many examples. The nationalization of childhood (it takes a village). Family life is dull, restrictive, oppressive. Education is removed, replaced by schooling. Memorization of facts (if that) instead of developing the ability to use reason in order to think critically....

My thought: deconstruction as a means cannot be satisfied merely with the communism as its end.  Deconstruction is not merely a means; it is the end, the purpose....

Facts and statistics don’t give meaning to life. People don’t live in a world of facts and statistics; people live in a story, a narrative. The most powerful story wins. The West has lost its narrative, not its facts.

Elder is focused on winning one at a time by facts, yet the universities are turning out thousands a year on the other side.
To successfully combat an SJW [Social Justice Warrior], the red-pilled rebel must understand the programming, which controls the SJW in question….

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