Denver Post and Jared Polis are hazardous to Colorado Freedom

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Attempting to destroy the Electoral College
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Dennis Jamison
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Canada Free Press
Article date: 
27 August 2019
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Colorado News
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Several thousands of Coloradans, especially Conservatives, as well as many Republicans, have become a formidable force as they have focused a very serious effort on the recall of Gov. Jared Polis this summer. The effort has been resisted by the state’s mainstream media outlets even before the official procedures were initiated. And the Denver Post, back on July 22nd published an editorial by their Editorial Board telling readers to “Decline to sign the recall petitions for Polis, Pettersen and Lee,”...

In that July editorial, the editorial board proudly admitted that they supported the issues Jared Polis advocated during his campaign. So, despite the fact that destroying the Electoral College did not come into the daylight during the campaign, the Denver Post, being the “all knowing” media outlet that it purports to be, must have had knowledge of Polis’ intent to sign away the precious votes of the people of Colorado in a national election. Knowing the political implications of the National Popular Vote effort, essentially intended to destroy the Electoral College, the Post also believes the votes of the people of Colorado should be nullified in a presidential election...
...  if the Electoral College is eliminated, which the Founders created in Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 of the Constitution of the United States, states like Colorado with lower populations will have their votes nullified by the major population states like California and New York. Polis did not disclose his support of this measure during the 2018 campaign. If voters in Colorado had any suspicion that their votes could be nullified by a governor who only cared about his own political party, or his own political fortune, they may not have voted for a candidate like Polis. It It is one of the key points of the recall effort....
Just the National Popular Vote effort, in itself, is one action that lays a frightening foundation for a fundamental transformation of the U.S. political landscape. Such an action, seriously strips away the rights of minorities or more rural areas to have a meaningful voice in electing the president. It is a purposeful effort to undermine the Constitution of the United States....
The politics of the Democrat Party, no matter what state in the Union, cannot escape their political DNA. They yearn to control, not govern....
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