Designated terrorist group CAIR demands apology from Colorado Republican Senator for “liking” an anti-Muslim Facebook post

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Bare Naked Islam
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20 September 2019
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Colorado News
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The Douglas County, Colorado, Republican Party shared a Facebook post this week stating that Muslims in Congress who express specific ideas are terrorists. Colorado Senator Vicki Marble (R-Ft. Collins) “liked” a Facebook post this week with an image of the burning twin towers set in the middle of this statement....

CAIR-Colorado Calls For Apology from Lawmaker for Liking Islamophobic Post...

Colorado Times Recorder: The post, which has been spreading on Facebook, states: “Every time a Moslem stands up in Congress and tells us they will change the Constitution, impeach our President, or vote for Socialism, remember you said you would never forget. They said they would destroy us from within.”

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) on Friday called on Marble to apologize....

... in a radio interview shortly after Trump was elected, KNUS radio host Peter Boyles denounced Islam and said Muslims are incapable of respecting the U.S. Constitution and the fundamental values of the United States, due to their religious beliefs, essentially saying there is no place for Muslims in our country. He stood behind the comments....