Election Integrity Dead: Killed in Court

Article author: 
J. Christian Adams
Article publisher: 
Gatestone Institute
Article date: 
4 May 2022
Article category: 
National News
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  • Many election operatives know that elections are won or lost because of process....
  • [A] war is taking place around elections that has nothing to do with voting machines...
  • In 2020, an unprecedented burst of mail ballots swamped election offices because of the fright of COVID. All over the country, judges struck down or suspended laws that would have ensured those mail ballots were processed according to the law. At the same time, hundreds of millions of dollars in private money poured into election offices to change the way the elections were run....
  • First, do not assume there will be a "red wave" this November. Many election operatives have demonstrated a fierce ability to adapt and leverage cultural and technological awareness into electoral wins.
  • Second, a "red wave" cannot overcome the "blue wave" tactics of 2020 seen in urban areas flush with outside cash.
  • Third, the Biden administration is already turning the battleship of the entire federal government toward turnout in 2022. Institutions have mobilized every single agency into a weapon to increase voter turnout among "historically marginalized communities." Decoded, that means racial groups. This is all happening with little fanfare, and little means to stop it.
  • It also means that every federal agency has had a year-long head start into morphing into a get-out-the-vote tool. It means housing, welfare, and education offices will be turned into turnout machines. Institutions have adapted and created an architecture using the powers of the state to target certain voters and get them to the polls.
  • For good measure, the Biden administration proposed a $10 billion federal fund available for the next decade to replicate and expand the cash injections to election offices like those seen in 2020. Another $5 billion is requested for the U.S. Postal Service so it can expand its role in voting-by-mail. Even if the administration gets a fraction of that request, it will make the $500 million spent in 2020 from private groups to increase urban turnout look like small potatoes....
  • Citizens can and should sign up to work at the polls. You can make sure you vote and deliver your ballot yourself. Sadly, there is no silver bullet....


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