Election Jihad: Islamic Groups are Hijacking Our Elections

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Front Page Magazine
Article date: 
1 March 2024
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National News
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[Front Page Magazine editor’s note: “Election Jihad” is a new report from the David Horowitz Freedom Center that exposes how Islamic political machines are transforming American legislatures state by state. And what we can do about it. order it here.]

... The response in state legislatures to the Hamas Islamic terror attacks of Oct 7 showed how thoroughly Islamists have infiltrated our political system and the threat that they pose...

In Minnesota, Sen. Omar Fateh responded to the Oct 7 attacks by accusing Israel of “horrifying acts of violence” while falsely claiming that it was engaged in a “genocidal war”...

After the 2022 midterms, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding trial, boasted that a record number of Islamic candidates had taken power. Of the 153 who ran for office, a majority, 89, won their races.

In 2020, CAIR released a “Strategic Election Plan” for mobilizing 1 million Muslim voters that included “providing small grants to mosques planning to get out the vote” and that would “encourage and train 200 Muslim candidates to run for office”. The plan included town halls for Republican and Democrat candidates, a Muslim voter database and “boot camps” in 25 states...

In Georgia, Muslims now have two members or 10% of the 22 member Georgia Senate Democrat delegation even though they represent only 1% of the state’s population.

This was due in part to the Georgia Muslim Voter Project which received $100,000 from the Southern Poverty Law Center...

Islamist networks in America have built a parallel political structure of nonprofits, action groups and PACs which tapped into funds from non-Muslim leftist and Democrat donors. This parallel Islamic election machine has solicited government grants and funds from foundations, but as the aftermath of Oct 7 shows, it has remained focused on its overriding goals.

And those goals are not only hostile to Israel, but to America and the free world...