Ethnogenesis and American Breakup

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Like strangers living under the same roof
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Theophilus Chilton
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The Neo-Ciceronian Times
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31 October 2023
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Our American Future
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[Originally published on 7 January 2022 by Theophilus Chilton, whose intent is to provide readers with consistent, high quality and thought-provoking content.]

... Why does a potential breakup of the American union into individual states or confederacies of states seem as likely as it does?...

... via an ongoing process of ethnogenesis, there exist in America two broad and increasingly incompatible White ethnies that have developed over the past century or more. These are familiar to us; one ethnie is constituted by the cultural and political Left, the other is made up of normal, everyday Americans, who I often refer to as Amerikaners. These two groups display very different cultures, religious traditions, mores, and even their use of language. The fundamental cultural incompatibilities between these two ethnies have reached the point where peaceful coexistence is now no longer an option...

It’s really not surprising that this should be the case, and indeed this has been an ongoing state of affairs going back to before the Civil War, which was the first great outbreak of White American ethnic conflict. Afterwards, it was only the extremely high social cohesion enjoyed by the political American Empire that kept things from coming to a head again until the rise of cultural Marxism and other overt forms of progressivism in the late 20th century...

In colonial times, America was settled by immigrants from four general regions in the United Kingdom, each bringing with them their own somewhat different folkways and cultural patterns....

People think that the division is driven by politics - Trump vs. Biden, Red vs. Blue, Republican vs. Democrat - but it’s not. Politics is just an exoteric, downstream effect of the fundamentally ethnic division between the two White Americas...

For all of the pious chirruping about "national unity" and whatnot, the formula remains true that "diversity + proximity = war."...


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