European Women Buy Pepper Spray to Defend Themselves from Muslim Men - Geert Wilders Explains

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The United States is about ten years behind Europe
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Brenda Walker
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Limits to Growth
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15 January 2016
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Responding to the Cologne New Years attacks, sensible women are reacting to the New Normal of greatly reduced public safety by purchasing pepper spray — lots of it. An RT video report notes, “One shop in the city of Cologne says it has completely sold out of pepper spray and it is mostly women who are buying it.” Too bad the segment had to end up by showing a Syrian alien whining about the Cologne attacks that “in Syria I don’t know people who could commit anything like that” — while there are clearly many who can.

Geert Wilders, the Dutch member of Parliament and leader of the Freedom Party, has some experience with defense against Islamic violence, having been on the hit list of jihadists since he became outspoken about the danger of Muslim immigration.

...Wilders posed with a local SWAT team when he spoke at the Mohammed cartoon contest in Garland, Texas. After Wilders left, the free speech event was attacked by two armed jihadists who were taken out by a Garland police officer with his service revolver.

Along with other words of the Islamist vocabulary we never wanted to learn, along with jihad and hijra, we must now add Taharrush, meaning group sexual assault condoned by allah. Geert Wilders explains the ugly details in a recent opinion piece:

Give Women the Right to Defend Themselves, January 13, 2016

Today, The Post Online published an op-ed piece by Geert Wilders and Machiel de Graaf. Click here to read the piece at (in Dutch)

“Cultural enrichment” has brought us a new word: Taharrush. Remember it well, because we are going to have to deal with it a lot. Taharrush is the Arabic word for the phenomenon whereby women are encircled by groups of men and sexually harassed, assaulted, groped, raped. After the Cologne taharrush on New Year’s Eve, many German women bought pepper spray. Who can blame them?

A culture that has a specific word for sexual assaults of women by groups of men is a danger to all women. The existence of the word indicates that the phenomenon is widespread. Frau Merkel, Prime Minister Rutte and all the other open-door politicians could and should have known this.

The Islamic world is steeped in misogyny. The Koran explicitly states that a woman is worth only half a man (Suras 2: 228, 2: 282, 4:11), that women are unclean (5:6), and that a man can have sex with his wife whenever he wants (24:31). The Koran even says that men are allowed to have sex slaves (4:24), and that they have the right to rape women whom they have captured (24:31).

The hadiths, the descriptions of the life of Muhammad, the ideal human being whose example all the Islamic faithful must follow, confirm that women are sex objects, that they are inferior beings like dogs and donkeys, and that there is nothing wrong with sexual slavery and raping female prisoners.

Taharrush is quite common in Islamic countries. Women are frequently surrounded by men and subsequently abused. The Egyptian website Jadaliyya points out that it also happens to veiled women. Women are victims simply because they are women and not because they have provoked the men by their conduct or “provocative” clothing. It can happen in the streets, public transport, supermarkets, or during protest demonstrations.

In 2011, the American television journalist Lara Logan had her clothes ripped off and “was raped with the hands” by a group of 200 men on Tahrir Square in Cairo. Two years later, a young Dutch woman became a taharrush victim at the same square. Now, along with the flow of migrants from the Islamic world, the phenomenon also reached Europe. The elite tried to keep it hidden from the people, but they cannot do so anymore.

Cartoonists in the West already experienced Islamic killers coming to their front door if they dare to draw Muhammad. Now, thousands of women in Cologne and dozens of cities in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, such as Zurich, Stockholm, Malmo, Vienna, experienced rapists standing behind the door if they dare take to the streets.

Islam means submission. And there is a good reason for it. The arrival of Islam has led to the curtailment of Western freedoms under the threat of violence. And this threat will only increase. It is an insidious process until the whole West submits to Islam.

Last week, the Mayor of Cologne advised her female citizens to keep strange men at an arm’s length. In Vienna, the head of the police said that in future women better not walk the streets alone. It seems that Austria will soon resemble Saudi Arabia, where women are not allowed alone in the streets. Earlier, in the Netherlands, women from families hosting asylum seekers had already been advised to wear “appropriate” clothes (even indoors), “so no prom dress or bare shoulders,” and to ensure that they are never alone in the room with male asylum seekers.

But the behavior of women has nothing to do with it.

Moreover, it is a disgrace that our women are advised to modify their behavior because the government has invited thousands of dangerous men into our country. When one imports Islam in the Netherlands, one also imports the misogynistic culture of Cairo, Damascus, Riyadh into our cities. Next to headscarves, burkas, mosques, honor killings, and terrorism, we now have taharrush.

The solution is not that our women keep an arm’s length from the male barbarians, but that the government keeps these men thousands of kilometers away from us. Until that happens, other measures are needed. It is irresponsible to turn our country into a jungle and subsequently send women unarmed into the jungle. They must at least have the right to defend themselves. Contrary to countries such as Germany and France, in our country it is illegal to carry pepper spray. With the Netherlands now being overrun by men who see women as inferior sex tools, it is time to legalize pepper spray in the Netherlands as a weapon against taharrush.

Geert Wilders is a member of the Dutch Parliament and leader of the Party for Freedom (PVV). Machiel de Graaf is a parliamentarian for the PVV.


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On Wednesday’s Breitbart News Daily (6AM-9AM EST on Sirius XM Patriot channel 125), Pamela Geller said the shocking New Year’s Eve incidents in Cologne, Germany where roving packs of men of Arab or North African descent groped and raped German women should serve as another wake-up to American leaders to stop “this Muslim migration from these Jihad nations.”

“You just can’t do it,” Geller told host and Breitbart News Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon, adding that accepting Muslim immigrants also poses a national security threat since ISIS has warned it will “weaponize” migrants and sneak in terrorists to western nations. “This is a huge mistake.”

Geller said America is “merely five to 10 years behind” Europe and will face the same problems as Europe if it continues to admit Muslim migrants. She said GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, who has proposed a temporary ban on Muslim immigration, is resonating with Americans for speaking up about their concerns against the political elite.

“He’s popular because he’s saying things that everybody is thinking,” Geller said of Trump...

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...Both private and state-run media in Germany also followed their orders to cover up the mass refugee-invader sex attacks and violence.

The ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, Second German Television), one of the largest federal state-owned broadcasters, for example, completely blacked out news of the nonwhite violence in its Heute (“Today,” its news program) broadcasts the following day, pretending that nothing had happened...

It took another three days before other German news media even started acknowledging that the mass nonwhite sex attacks had happened—and even then, description of the perpetrators was almost always given as “youths” and “young men.”

The flood of revelations via the Internet, however, thoroughly exposed this devious tactic, and by January 4, even the controlled media in Germany had been forced to admit that the perpetrators were “North African” in origin, and that the attacks had taken place in several German cities...

Another important component of the attempts to censor news of the nonwhite crime plague was a ruthless censorship of Facebook.

While it is well-known that the German government has already pressured Facebook to self-censor any criticism of the nonwhite refugee invasion, it is less well-known that they have officially employed the services of an ex-Stasi (East German Secret Police) agent, a Jewess by the name of Anetta Kahane, to run their social media censorship program...

The BBC in London, for example, waited until January 5, 2016, before reporting on the violence carried out five days earlier, and even then called the perpetrators “gangs.”

France24, the French state-owned English language news service, waited until January 6, 2016, to see fit to mention the attacks—using the headline “Cologne mass sexual assaults fuel refugee tensions in Germany.”

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German Interior Minister: Right-Wing Chat Rooms ‘At Least As Awful As’ Cologne Sex Attacks, Breitbart, January 7, 2016: speech platforms such as 4chan are routinely branded “misogynistic” and “racist” by progressive campaigners and left-wing politicians because they are some of the only remaining places online where citizens can express their frustration with government policy free of censorship.

Even on reddit, stories about Cologne were being heavily moderated and in some cases banned yesterday by touchy liberal moderators...

Earlier this month the German government teamed up with Facebook to aggressively police what it called “hate speech,” but which German citizens say amounted to little more than criticism of government policy and anguish at the social effects of mass Muslim immigration...

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...While Germans welcomed the New Year with fire crackers, well-organized groups of immigrant men 18-35 surrounded and isolated their victims. So far more than 118 women have reported to the police that they were mugged by dozens of men who groped, insulted and robbed them...

But only on Monday January 4—four days later—did Police Commissioner Wolfgang Albers denounced “criminal offenses of a completely new dimension” with a thousand suspects whose appearance indicate their “Arab or North African origin”...

Germany’s rulers prefer not to see what really happens in their country. In their eyes, the real danger are not militant Islamists and violent gangs of young men “with an immigrant background”, but Germans who Notice those crimes and are therefore regularly insulted as “racists” and “Nazis”...

The tyranny of Political Correctness is supported by legal constraints, which do inhibit the police and the MSM’s ability to mention the ethnic origin or the religious affiliation of a perpetrator, particularly if he is part of a “vulnerable minority”. As a rule, the police do not report it at all...

Judge: Merkel Committed Historic Breach Of Law In Opening Borders, Constitution Allows ‘Right To Resist’, Conservative Papers, January 13, 2016.


Germany: Nonwhite in One Generation, The New Observer, January 4, 2016:

The ongoing Third World invasion of Germany will create a nonwhite majority in the 20- to 30-year-old age group within just four years, and a nonwhite majority within one generation, a new statistical analysis based on official German census figures has shown...

The fact that that are currently only 11.5 million European Germans in the 20- to 30- year-old age group means that by 2020—just four years away—white Germans will be an outright minority in this age category...

The conclusion is inevitable: either Germany will take political steps to halt and reverse the current Third World invasion, or it will become a majority nonwhite country within one generation.


The previous article notes that Germany will become a majority nonwhite country within one generation - which means non-German. It is virtually inconceivable that those who are migrating to Germany are doing so in order to adopt and further the rich Germanic culture.

This forced displacement of German people and culture is not an accident.


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