Fair Elections in Blue States Are Not Possible

Article author: 
Paul Craig Roberts
Article publisher: 
Lew Rockwell
Article date: 
12 November 2022
Article category: 
National News
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The same swing states where the last presidential election was stolen are again showing the mysterious sharp upward readjustment of the vote count for Democrat candidates. In Arizona where election day vote counting is on hold, mysterious tranches of votes keep arriving days after the election for the Democrat candidate for governor–17,000 here, 5,000 there. Tucker Carlson asked who benefits from long delays in vote counting. He investigated and reported that a Democrat won in 12 out of 13 delays in arriving at the outcome.

Here is a report showing the same spikes in votes for Democrats in last Tuesday’s election that we saw in the stolen presidential election. These spikes don’t happen for Republicans except when computer adjustments of the margins of victory for Democrats become too large to be believable. Then there is a spike in the red vote to eliminate the unbelievable margin of Democrat victory

The fact of the matter is that power, not democracy, is the Democrats’ goal....

The revolution is gradual but steady...

And still Americans vote for Democrats?   


Another Brick in the Blue Wall of Fraud, by Michael S. Kochin, American Greatness, 18 November 2022.

Crime Spikes: Mike Lindell Shows Real Evidence of Election Fraud, by Alexandra Bruce, Forbidden Knowledge TV, 11 November 2022.