'Fake Voting Rights' Democrat Legislation: Give Illegal Aliens Voting Rights

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Dr. Carol Swain
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Bannon's War Room
Article date: 
21 January 2022
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National News
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[Article and excerpts prepared by Tom Shuford.]

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An African-American conservative, political scientist Dr. Carol Swain made that argument a few days ago on Steve Bannon's War Room. She says Blacks have no trouble voting in America. She thinks the "fake voting rights" legislation the Democrats had been pushing the last several weeks - until Dem senators Manchin and Sinema joined 50 Republicans in blocking the elimination of the 50-vote threshold on the legislative filibuster - was all about making it easier for illegal aliens to vote.

A blunt 6 minutes excerpt below - with transcription:

6m podcast: Dr. Carol swain on Steve Bannon's war room #1566: what's behind the democrats' "fake voting rights" campaign: "there are no prohibitions to voting in America for people who are legally qualified. The democrats are using voting rights "reforms" as a way to expand the electorate to people who are undocumented, people who are illegal aliens."

Segment begins 44:00 in episode #1566:

DR. CAROL SWAIN [wiki bio: "retired professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt University. A frequent television analyst, she is the author and editor of several books. Her interests include race relations, immigration, representation, evangelical politics, and the United States Constitution"]:

STEVE BANNON: "Dr. Swain... do we have a problem at the major universities, particularly at the Ivy or Ivy equivalents like Vanderbilt? Do we have a problem that they're not woke enough?"

DR. SWAIN: "We don't have a problem that they're not woke enough. We do have a problem that the leftist leaders in our country use young people and, instead of educating them, the administrators use the children - they're not children; they're young adults - but they are manipulated to push a leftist agenda. And so I have no doubt that if the professors decide that they want to push this fake voting rights pursuit through the students, they will use the students because that's what they've done all along.

"The CRT? All of that has come because you had leftist professors that feed ideas to the student activists. They give those activists a list of demands. And then the students act out. The administrators cave. And it's all a game."

BANNON: "OK... what do you mean "˜fake voting rights'? All I hear on MSN and CNN all the time is that this is the number one. That Biden woke up to the fact that this is the most important thing in America right now...  basically the federal takeover of the state election process. What say you, Ma'am?"

SWAIN: "I'd say that I'm old enough to have lived through the Civil Rights movement, to have seen the passage of the 1964... Civil Rights Act, the 1965 Voting Rights Act. There are no prohibitions to voting in America for people who are legally qualified. And the Democrats are using voting rights as a way to expand the electorate to people who are undocumented, people who are illegal aliens.

"It's not about Blacks, Hispanics and Whites having the ability to vote. It's about loosening the requirements. So you have mail-in ballots. And we know from the last election that there's no way to police the mail-in ballots. We know that...  Mark Zuckerberg set up those drop boxes in the areas where minorities lived, and those drop boxes were not policed. They were stuffed in many cases. It was a way to cheat.

Ballot harvesting: how it worked with swain's relatives

"They'd like to do the ballot harvesting. I know how that worked in Virginia, my home state, because I had relatives. They had no interest in voting. They told me tales of people that showed up at their door, two or three at a time with ballots, standing there, you know, demanding that you fill them out.

"That was how - if 81 million people voted for Joe Biden - and we know that that's not true - it happened because they were able to cheat. And yes I do believe the 2020 election, that in parts of the country, the election irregularities were enough to determine the outcome.

"And so there's no voting rights crisis in America. There is a liberal, Democratic agenda that will use young people, that will use old people, that will use immigrants, they will use Blacks, that will use anybody to push their agenda..."


Republicans Sue New York Officials: Allowing Noncitizens to Vote

Democrats Push Big Lie of Voter Suppression to Make It Easy to Cheat in Elections

Noncitizen Voting Push Is Part of Agenda to Rid America of Citizenship: Election Expert, Epoch Times, 20 January 2022:

... Hans von Spakovsky, manager of the Heritage Foundation’s election law reform initiative and former member of the Federal Election Commission...

Although he doesn’t think any states will try to change their election laws to include voting rights for noncitizens, Spakovsky said there’s a push from the progressive left to change the concept or definition of “citizen.”
“The whole point of the open borders crowd is to do two things: one, extinguish the line between legal and illegal aliens in this country. And second, to frankly, get rid of the whole concept of citizenship,” he said....
However, Spakovsky said paying tax doesn’t make someone a citizen.
“My response to that is that first of all, the vast majority of illegal aliens do not pay taxes. In fact, they get free rides from many jurisdictions,” he said.
“This is being pushed by the progressive left today because they believe that aliens will vote for them … and keep them in power.”...
Spakovsky said the inability for the Trump administration to get a question placed on the 2020 Census about citizenship status was a major win for the progressive left to blur the lines between citizen and noncitizen.
“One of the main reasons they wanted that done is for apportionment purposes, they did not want congressional seats apportioned based on citizen population—if they did, places like California would lose congressional seats,” he said.
“That’s why California probably has four or five more congressional seats than they should have, because of the huge population of illegal aliens in the state.”...