A Fallen Nation: Denver City Council Approves $4.7 Million Settlement to More Than 300 BLM Shock Troops Arrested During 2020 George Floyd Riots

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Paul Kersey
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2 September 2023
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Colorado News
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Some rioters are more equal than others… remember, Antifa are nothing more than shock troops for the establishment...

Denver City Council approves $4.7M settlement to over 300 Black Lives Matter protesters from 2020 arrests, CBS News, August 29, 2023

Denver’s City Council unanimously approved a $4.7 million settlement to over 300 Black Lives Matter protesters arrested by Denver police in the summer of 2020.

The settlement was approved as part of the city council’s consent agenda and covers over 300 people who participated in protests surrounding the police killing of George Floyd. This settlement is separate from the $14 million payout to 12 injured protesters, which went to a jury trial last year — and which the city is appealing in federal court — and a $1.6 million settlement to seven injured protesters earlier this year...

As Raw Egg Nationalist wrote on Twitter:

If you’re not convinced that America is now an anarcho-tyranny regime, you’ll never be. This payment is basically a massive regime kickback to the footsoldiers who helped 1) grease the skids for the largest wealth transfer in American history and 2) steal the 2020 el*ction...