Federal court in Denver rejects appeal by notorious Ethiopian prison guard

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A former member of the Marxist Derg junta, Kefelgn Alemu Worku could be deported to Ethiopia
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Kirk Mitchell
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The Denver Post
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13 July 2018
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Colorado News
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The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver has dismissed an appeal by a 62-year-old man who claims his false identification as an Ethiopian prison guard who killed and tortured dozens of people led to an unfair sentencing on an unrelated U.S. immigration fraud count ...

A former member of the Marxist Derg junta, Worku could be deported to Ethiopia, where he was sentenced in November 2000 to death for torturing 101 people to death in the Higher 15 prison in the late 1970s.

In Kane’s courtroom, a jury found Worku guilty in October of 2014 of lying on immigration documents and stealing another man’s identity to gain entry to the United States. Worku had lived a quiet life in Aurora for years until one of his victims recognized him...

The judge revoked the citizenship status of Worku, who will likely be deported to Ethiopia following his sentence ...

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