Florida Receives Bulk of Illegal Alien Flights - video

Article author: 
Todd Bensman
Article publisher: 
Real American's Voice
Article date: 
2 April 2024
Article category: 
National News
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In an alarming new report, @CIS_org  Senior National Security Fellow @BensmanTodd

says Florida is the top state receiving and processing illegals who have been allowed to fly to U.S. airports under the Biden administration’s parole and release program: “We haven’t heard a word about any of this from the governor because he didn’t know about it. Nobody knew about this...Because the administration is closed kimono on all of this. They announced it publicly, yes. But then after that, nobody asked another question and they certainly didn’t advertise where they were flying them into.”...


The Florida Gateway: Data Shows Most Migrant Flights Landing in Gov. DeSantis’s Sunshine State Smaller but significant numbers are landing in Texas, New York, and California, by Todd Bensman, Center for Immigration Stucies, 1 April 2024.

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