Fox News Is Headed For Disaster

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Dinesh D'Souza just exposed the treachery of the corporate media "conservatives"
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Fox censors documentary "2000 Mules"
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Emerald Robinson
Article date: 
4 May 2022
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National News
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Fox News has been on a collision course with its own audience since the stolen 2020 election — and you can almost feel the impact coming....

Guess what: GOP voters have not forgotten about Fox News calling Arizona early — and prominent conservatives are no longer interested in ignoring Fox’s treachery.

Case in point: Dinesh D’Souza dropped several bombshells on Twitter recently that illustrate that Fox News has nowhere left to hide....

"I'm sorry to say that Tucker Carlson and his team specifically instructed Catherine Englebrecht of True the Vote NOT to mention the movie"...

That hasn’t stopped Fox News from trying to cut D’Souza out of his own documentary in order to present the work as its own. Just watch this explosive video....

The real reason that “2000 Mules” is being ignored by the conservative corporate media and the liberal corporate media is because it’s true. The stolen 2020 election was the largest political interference operation ever conducted in America. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s charity spent more than $400 million to create a private election system in swing states — and he was hardly alone. It took massive coordination from both political parties and the corporate media and federal law enforcement and left-wing NGO’s to thwart the will of the American people in 2020....

Fox News doesn’t want to cover election fraud because the GOP establishment doesn’t want to find election fraud when it involves cheating to defeat Donald Trump....