Fractures in the Regime

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American Mind
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20 December 2023
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Our American Future
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The late Angelo Codevilla identified the American ruling class as a wealthy oligarchy whose power depends upon its “intersectional” clients. For most of the oligarchy, the ends of rule are wealth and affirmation of superiority over the people, but the intersectionals -inspired by resentment and identity politics - are driven by hatred and fevered dreams of revenge. The oligarchs - wealthier, whiter, and older - have created a monster which they cannot, in the end, control... The waxing hate and boldness of the intersectionals threaten to push the oligarchical revolution in directions unpalatable to its Directory.

“Most ruling class notables,” explained Codevilla in these pages, “would prefer to suppress the deplorables while minimizing disruption of the economy and avoiding violence…but for the intersectionals…vengeance is electoral victory’s foremost prerogative. Determined as the chiefs may be that the intersectional tail must not wag the revolutionary dog, the fact is that each and every part of the intersectional coalition sees itself as the dog.”...

It is now clear that the intersectionals have turned upon a subset of the oligarchy, and that the oligarchy is fragmenting in the face of an ancient passion - hatred of the Jewish people...

By not only celebrating Hamas’s depravity in Israel but also treating American Jews as enemies, the intersectionals have clarified, despite their semantics and half-hearted dissimulations, their intentions toward their Jewish allies in both the Democratic Party and the broader Left. This was a strategic error..

They [Jewish Americans] will consider the new Democratic Party and its clients as an increasingly dangerous enemy, and act accordingly...


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