Gas Stove Scare: Fraud Created By Climate Change Authoritarians

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Brandon Smith
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Alt Market
Article date: 
15 January 2023
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National News
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In the past I have often tried to take a big picture approach to the issues facing the American public and how there is almost always a deeper connection between a variety of political and economic events. And, what has become increasingly clear to me is that in order to understand government actions and geopolitics, you must always ask yourself “Who benefits?”...

Globalist institutions and climate change grifters have put natural gas on the naughty list, but there are a couple of realities that must be addressed. First, as noted, a vast portion of the western world including the US and Europe rely on natural gas for numerous energy applications.... There is NO green energy solution that can fill the same roll as gas....

The push for a gas stove ban is not about health, it’s about control.... Is the climate cult really that desperate?

Yes, yes they are.

You see, the truth about climate change is beginning to spread to the masses, and the debunking of anti-carbon propaganda is picking up momentum. Here are the facts:


The average global temperature is not climbing to dangerous levels. The Earth’s temps have increased according to the NOAA by less than 1°C in the past century....

Global temperature history - Smithsonian


... There is no significant difference between storm patterns today compared to 100 years ago.

Hurricanes since 1860


The (Failed) Gas Stove Conspiracy, by Steve Sailer, 15 January 2023.

Experts Explain Real Reason Biden Administration Suggested Banning Gas Stoves, Daily Signal, 13 January 2023.


government protecting us from climate change since 1350


climate change always requires more communism