Goodbye America

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A country that cannot control its own borders cannot survive
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We must surmise that the deliberate intent of the Biden Regime is to dismantle America
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Philip Giraldi
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Unz Review
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15 March 2022
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Our American Future
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There is new evidence of how the Biden Administration’s total disregard for reality evident in its blundering its way into war with Russia has severely damaged what once used to be referred to as national security...

This flow of illegals will undoubtedly increase dramatically with the fighting in Ukraine, which will produce the usual wave of refugees, most of whom will likely be Jewish based on the reality of who has power in Washington DC and will be able to influence the selection process...

There have been reports that claim Ukrainians, aided by charities in the US, are already heading towards Mexico in significant numbers, buying up cheap used cars and heading north to the border to claim asylum...

Entry by illegal immigrants into the United States has doubled in the past year and it is estimated that nearly 47 million US residents, 14.2% of the total population of the country, are now foreign born, the highest percentage in the past 112 years. As many are illegals and are not on a path to eventual citizenship, the Democratic Party policies has sought to empower them by relaxing voting requirements at state levels, meaning that the potential for fraudulent voting will be enormous...

The Biden Administration has systematically ignored and has challenged court rulings requiring asylum seekers along the southern border to remain in Mexico..

In January alone, 62,573 illegal immigrants were “released” by the Administration and administratively allowed to enter the US, more than were released in all of 2021, so the trend is to develop something like an open border in the south of the country...

It is changing the country and not for the better. One does not have to go far to encounter other Americans who are beginning to wonder if the nation as conceived by the Founders can survive at all. It is a legitimate concern.


How many illegal aliens reside in America?

Beware: Mexico To Unleash Massive Wave of 70,000 Migrants Toward U.S. Border in Unnoticeable ‘Ant Operation’, Townhall, 14 March 2022.