The Great Replacement, Western European-Style

Article author: 
Augustin Goland
Article publisher: 
American Renaissance
Article date: 
20 June 2023
Article category: 
National News
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Even if European nations were to get serious in the fight against illegal immigration, which most of them have yet to do, that would not be enough to stop the Great Replacement. That social-engineering experiment would go on, albeit maybe at a slightly slower pace and with a smaller proportion of criminals and Islamic terrorists making their way to the Old Continent.

Over the years, Western Europe’s mass immigration, which started in earnest in the 1970s, has become self-nurturing and exponential...

Another major factor is that immigrants of African and Middle Eastern origin have more children than people of European descent...

... a bigger concern for most Western Europeans is the rise of Islam that is linked to this reversed colonization...

A large majority of Europeans want fewer immigrants, but their national governments and representatives to the European Union do not seem to care...

An example is the post-Brexit UK, where the Conservative government has presided over an unprecedented rise in legal immigration from outside Europe..

As a consequence of sustained immigration, in large part legal, white Britons made up just under 80 percent of the population in 2019 compared with just under 90 percent in 2001. Worse still, white British births declined from 65 percent of all live births in 2014 to 61 percent in 2019...


President Macron is seen by many Frenchmen as a European version of the Canadian PM Justin Trudeau, known for his open-borders policies...


Germany has also gone pretty far down the road to population replacement, and of late it has been accelerating in that direction. In 2022, out of a total population of about 84 million, 15.3 million people in Germany were foreign born...

All these trends point to one thing: the importance of remigration. Non-European immigration must be halted, to be sure, and native birth rates must increase, but ultimately, for Europe’s demographic problems to be solved, they have to go back.


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