Campus Antisemitism Fueled by Woke Takeover of Higher Education

Article author: 
Jonathan Pidluzny
Article publisher: 
American Greatness
Article date: 
5 November 2023
Article category: 
Our American Future
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... In a “Day of Resistance” toolkit, National Students for Justice in Palestine, an organization with hundreds of campus chapters, called the slaughter of Israeli Jews “a historic win for the Palestinian resistance.”...

In the weeks since, student groups on U.S. campuses have celebrated the atrocity - both in public statements and boisterous campus rallies...

All this against a backdrop that will sear October 7 into our historical memory for generations: more than 1,400 confirmed dead; thousands injured; more than 200 hostages taken by terrorists who fantasize about wiping Israel from the face of the Earth; ISIS-level displays of cruelty and barbarism; and dead children discovered in pieces...

This lazy way of understanding the world - common to postcolonial studies, critical race theory, intersectionality, campus DEI, and a host of far-left intellectual frameworks - has rotted the academy. It teaches adherents to embrace primitive tribalism, one that sees the world exclusively in terms of virtuous victims and evil oppressors. And it teaches students to make simple, uncompromising judgments: Jews are oppressors in Israel...

Combating campus antisemitism is, therefore, not just a moral imperative. It is an urgent priority in the battle to save higher education, which will profoundly shape the society in which our children and grandchildren grow up.


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