Has leftism finally jumped the shark?

Article author: 
Lewis Dovland
Article publisher: 
American Thinker
Article date: 
30 October 2023
Article category: 
Our American Future
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The current pro-Palestinian rallies on American campuses (which, in reality, are an anti-Jewish hate-fests) are an eye-opener for a growing number of people on the left. The latest Israel-Palestinian protests may be the final canary in the coal mine that will begin to turn the tide and crush leftism from our society. That’s because it exposes its source for all to see - our corrupted educational system.

We’ve all seen the rapid acceleration of the ‘woke’ culture, which has dominated society...

But cracks in leftism have started to appear. The COVID-19 pandemic happened. The all-too-smug teachers’ unions erred when they saw an opportunity to get paid for not working while harming students in their key educational and socialization growth years by shutting schools...

As the pandemic dragged on, schools went online. For the first time, parents got to see what little Sally was learning, and they rebelled, flooding school board meetings with demands to stop the CRT and LGBTQ+ indoctrinations...

The mask that covered these big lies was ripped off on October 7, when Hamas attacked Israel with horrendously evil actions. Suddenly, these liberal progressives were faced with a cognitive dissonance moment. Any person who would support the animalistic evil actions of Hamas is insane...

The truth of American antisemitism emerged when we saw that most of the pro-Palestinian demonstrations and support came from college campuses...

... The major influences on America’s current state of education came from the Marxist “Frankfurt School,” which began exactly 100 years ago. They targeted education because it is how you teach young minds...


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