How the Left Gets the Statue of Liberty Poem Wrong

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No, it’s not a mandate to wreck America.
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The statue represents "Liberty Enlightening the World", not "y'all come on over."
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Daniel Greenfield
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FrontPage Mag
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23 August 2019
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Our American Future
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...  That poem that Emma Lazarus became famous for was forgotten, remembered again, and has been misused, quoted out of context and transformed into a battle cry for open borders and a disastrous immigration policy. Its lines about “wretched refuse” and “poor” immigrants have been taken literally.

And yet the vocal advocates for the poem imprinted on the Statue of Liberty would have loathed the Confederate socialite and the Zionist writer who are responsible for the words they claim to love....
Its theme was Liberty Enlightening the World, but what did that mean?...
The woman [the statue] embodied the contrast between America and Europe. The Statue of Liberty had been a message from France to America about our place in the world....
The poem was written in two days, and made a splash at the time, but was then forgotten, only to be revived generations later when Americans needed a symbol to counteract Nazi Germany....
America, The New Colossus is saying, was built by people who came here because they had no place in their old societies. Emma’s message was not that America was an evil imperialistic nation obligated to take in every migrant to atone for its sins, but that it was a free nation built by people who had escaped the “ancient lands” with their “storied pomp” and thrived in a land where they could “breathe free”....
The New Colossus was an ironic dialogue between America and Europe. Its biggest fans today take the European side, ignore the irony, and want to use immigration to stamp out freedom in America.
Their new colossus of immigration is a conquering giant. It does not stand for liberty, but tyranny....

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