How Vice-President Pence Could Have Saved Our Country

Article author: 
Dr. Brad Lyles
Article publisher: 
Canada Free Press
Article date: 
6 January 2021
Article category: 
National News
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Vice-President Mike Pence can save our country
To do so, however, he must grab hold of the power the Constitution grants specifically to him – the exclusionary power to nullify and invalidate Electoral votes from those States where he believes the election process was so flawed and fraudulent, criminal and corrupt, there is no possible remedy otherwise....
Many believe the Constitution itself, in its 12th Amendment, authorizes a very constrained and microscopic Tyranny, limited in time and place to the circumstance of the Joint Session of Congress for the purpose of counting the Electoral votes for President....
And so it is with the Presidential Election of 2020. The Democrat Party’s corruption has become so thoroughgoing and diabolical it was able to succeed in carrying off the greatest electoral theft in the history of our nation...
So, the Framers appear to have installed a safety valve in the Constitution – granting the Vice-President – within the confines of the January 6th process for counting of Electoral votes – the singular and unilateral authority to usurp from Congress the power to include or exclude Electoral votes....
It is doubtful, however, that Vice-President Pence would wield such power in such a draconian fashion as this. Optimally, he would use his power to recess the Joint Session and transfer the power over Electoral votes back to the State Legislatures – which are the only authorities the Constitution entrusts with the ultimate and plenary power for choosing Electors.
And, optimally, once the State Legislatures from the Swing States whose elections were most profoundly suffused with fraud have had a chance to meet, they will rapidly vote either to resubmit to Congress the original slate of Electors, for Biden, or switch Electors to Trump, or choose to send no Electors at all because their State’s elections were so contaminated they can find no means to ascertain the Will of the People with any certitude.
Then, when Congress is in receipt of the corrected, genuine and lawful slates of Electors/Electoral votes, Vice-President Pence will reconvene the Joint Session of Congress (hopefully well before Inauguration Day), and read aloud the legitimate State Legislature-certified Electoral Votes. And our nation will finally come to know the name of our now lawfully elected President.


Video: Constitutional attorney says Pence does have power to throw out electors, January 5, 2020.