Hunter Biden's Cocaine: Manufactured Distraction From Consequential Crimes

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His and his father's crimes against the nation are being ignored.
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JD Rucker
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Discern Report
Article date: 
3 July 2023
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National News
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Hunter Biden’s cocaine story was concocted. It’s believable because nobody, not even Biden supporters, would be surprised to hear that Hunter brought drugs into the White House. He’s a degenerate criminal who films himself committing disgusting acts while knowing there will be no repercussions because he’s protected by a high ranking globalist puppet, his father.

That’s why the spin doctors for the Biden Crime Family decided on this story as the latest one to distract from the massive crimes that are… or should be… getting exposed. Bribes. Influence peddling. Outright treason. The crimes are serious and they go all the way to the top with Joe and Jill. That’s why Hunter’s being used as the scapegoat...

Distracting is the option used in worst-case scenarios...

But here’s the thing, and there’s really no way around this. The Biden Crime Family is in the process of being exposed for treasonous acts both past and present. They took bribes in exchange for influence at the highest levels of American government...


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