If Trump Has Lost - A 'Biden Rush' For The U.S. Border?

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John Derbyshire
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Article date: 
21 November 2020
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National News
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... So what shall we get from Biden administration? One thing we are sure to get is open borders.

As VDARE.com's correspondent Jack Dalton noted on Thursday, a Biden administration will go full-bore Open Borders, jumping to the whips cracked by Cheap-Labor business lobbies and anti-white ethnic grievance activists.

  • The so-called "DREAMers," illegal aliens who claim to have been brought here as children, will get full resident-alien status, leading to citizenship.
  • The eleven, or twenty, or thirty million non-"DREAMer" illegal aliens living here—nobody really knows the number—will also be given permanent residence, likewise leading to citizenship.
  • There'll be a hundred-day freeze on deportations of illegals.
  • Illegals not targeted by ICE—that is, they are just here illegally but aren't suspected of any other criminality—won't be arrested.
  • The policy of requiring non-Mexican asylum-seekers to wait in Mexico while their cases are decided will end.
  • The ban on entry from terrorist-friendly nations will end.
  • The Trump administration has negotiated agreements with Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras that allow us to send rejected asylum-seekers to those countries to argue their cases. The Biden administration will pull out of those agreements.
  • The Public Charge rules this administration has implemented to deny permanent residence to aliens using, or likely to use, government benefits, will be scrapped.
  • The limits on guest-worker visas imposed this spring will be lifted. In an ongoing pandemic with widespread unemployment, the gates will be opened to cheap foreign workers.
  • There will be huge increases in numbers of so-called "refugees."
  • Aliens given Temporary Protected Status, often decades ago, because of some crisis in their home countries, will not be forced to leave next March, as a court said they should be. "Temporary" will not, after all, mean temporary; it will mean permanent.

[Biden plans sweeping reversal of Trump's immigration agenda, by Meg Kinnard, CBS News, November 11, 2020] And so on....