Illegal Alien Criminal Behavior 'Enough to Disqualify Biden'

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20 May 2024
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National News
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Friday on FNC’s “Hannity,” Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said while the potential terror threat from illegal immigrants was a cause for concern, the regular criminal behavior should be enough to disqualify... Biden’s reelection.

According to the Kentucky Republican, Biden could have stopped the border situation if he wanted to make it happen.

"You know, I agree with you," he said. "I think terrorism is of great concern, and I think, you know, with dozens and dozens over, almost 200 people coming in from other countries, you see the list, you see the interviews, Tajikistan, Egypt, Tunisia, all over the Middle East, China, I mean, from all over the place, but it’s not just terrorism. It’s regular domestic criminal, you know, behavior. It should be enough to disqualify Biden from consideration. I mean, imagine the images if people in America can figure out and know that people like Laken Riley were killed by someone that... Biden’s administration specifically allowed to come in. They paroled them. They made the decision that it was OK for them to come into this country."

"And then when they were arrested for a variety of crimes that they’re here, nobody did anything about it because they were in Democrat cities that are sanctuary cities that being arrested for a crime is not enough to be deported. In fact, they prevent the immigration authorities from seeing the arrest records," Paul continued. "So, yeah, this is all on Biden's shoulders, and then he comes forward with a reform, and he says, oh, yeah, this is the bipartisan reform. We’ll let 2,500 people in a day, and then we'll get serious. Well, 2,500 people day is 900,000 people."...

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