Illegal Alien Population Booms in Red States Ahead of 2020 Election

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John Binder
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15 June 2019
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Our American Future
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... Pew Research Center analysis finds that in Louisiana, North Dakota, and South Dakota — three states that went overwhelmingly for Trump over failed Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election — the illegal alien population has increased over the last ten years.


 illegal alien populations changed in 17 states over the past decade


The illegal alien population — with an estimated 11 to 22 million* illegal aliens living across the U.S. — has grown in the Democrat-controlled states of Massachusetts and Maryland. In Massachusetts, there are 60,000 more illegal aliens than there were ten years ago. In Maryland, the illegal alien population has grown by 45,000 since 2007.

Increases in illegal alien populations across red states have electoral consequences where American voters’ votes are diluted in elections due to counting illegal aliens in congressional apportionment.

As Breitbart News has reported, the counting of only American citizens to divide up congressional districts and electoral college votes would shift power away from the affluent, metropolitan coastal cities of the U.S. with large illegal alien populations and towards middle America with low illegal alien populations.

If congressional districts were set by the number of citizens, the overall average population needed per congressional seat could decrease to about 670,000 citizens per district. This would give a stronger advantage for states with small illegal alien populations to gain and keep their current number of congressional seats....

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