Immigration fueling population explosion

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Kathleene Parker:
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Daily Camera
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20 December 2019
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Colorado News
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As I read Frosty Wooldridge’s recent reasoned arguments in the Camera against this nation’s population explosion — an unacknowledged and, thus, unaddressed population explosion — I thought of the heartbreaking part population played in my decision to leave Colorado, a state my family helped settle in 1862.
I thought of what 58 National Academies of Sciences and, more recently, more than 11,000 of the world’s scientists warned about population, and pondered when — if ever — deregulated national corporate media are going to focus, as media did before deregulation, on population as the urgent topic it is.
I pondered when environmental groups, in the tradition of Earth Day — founded by Sen. Gaylord Nelson  (D-Wis.) to focus on the dangers of overpopulation — will return to the tradition exemplified by the Sierra Club back when they had called ours the “world’s most overpopulated nation,” that is until a $100 million donor stipulated their silence on immigration....
I grew up in 1950s and 1960s Colorado — a largely undeveloped, still nearly frontier state — when there were just over a million Coloradans in a state dotted with small towns resting in lush mountain valleys filled with ranches, grazing livestock and wildlife. Today, at nearly 6 million, it’s a state of sprawling towns and mega cities,...
National media — I call them Radio Free Wall Street — no longer legally required to adhere to standards of honesty and ethics in journalism, instead headline our falling birthrate and warn, absurdly, of pending population collapses as they ignore that, not births, but immigration fuels over 90 percent of a population explosion that adds a staggering 28 million to 30 million people per decade to our numbers....
A deregulated national media have been a major force in silencing calm, reasoned discussion on immigration as they have too often depicted those with concerns about immigration as racists and xenophobes. ...