The Imminent Extradition of Julian Assange - Death of Journalism

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He could be extradited to the U.S. this week. Should he be convicted, reporting on the inner workings of power will become a crime.
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Chris Hedges
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Consortium News
Article date: 
20 June 2023
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National News
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High Court Judge Jonathan Swift — who previously worked for a variety of British government agencies as a barrister and said his favorite clients are “security and intelligence agencies” — rejected two applications by Julian Assange’s lawyers to appeal his extradition last week...

The extradition of Julian Assange will be the next step in the slow-motion execution of the publisher and founder of WikiLeaks and one of the most important journalists of our generation.

It will ensure that he spends the rest of his life in a U.S. prison. It will create legal precedents that will criminalize any investigation into the inner workings of power, even by citizens from another country.

It will be a body blow to America’s anemic democracy, which is rapidly metamorphosing into corporate totalitarianism...

Assange... is targeted because of the Iraq War Logs, released in Oct. 2010, which document numerous U.S. war crimes, including images seen in the Collateral Murder video, of the gunning down of two Reuters journalists and 10 other civilians and severely injuring two children...

He is targeted because he showed us that Hillary Clinton, as secretary of state in 2009, ordered U.S. diplomats to spy on U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and other U.N. representatives from China, France, Russia, and the U.K...

He is targeted because he exposed that Obama, Hillary Clinton and the C.I.A. backed the June 2009 military coup in Honduras that overthrew the democratically-elected president Manuel Zelaya...

He is targeted because he made public the off-the-record talks Hillary Clinton gave to Goldman Sachs, talks for which she was paid $657,000, a sum so large it can only be considered a bribe...


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