Left’s ‘environmental racism’ means crushing power bills

Article author: 
Jon Caldara
Article publisher: 
Complete Colorado
Article date: 
17 June 2021
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Colorado News
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... I’ve been doing politics in Colorado for three decades, and I can easily say I have never witnessed such wanton arrogance and dismissive condescension from those elected to administer our governmental machinery.

From the top in our governor’s office to secretary of state and attorney general, to the legislative majorities in the House and Senate, we have never had such callous, indifferent and glib individuals in charge.
Not ever before have legislative bills come to a vote without real stakeholder input and at least a façade of respect for the people and industries being savaged by new laws, rules, mandates and taxes, now called “fees” to avoid asking consent of voters.
The old adage at the Capitol was, “if you’re not at the table you’re on the table.” The warning being that you best get yourself, and your industry, involved in crafting a bill that affects you; otherwise, you’ll become the victim of it....
 About 4 hours ago, we were about to enjoy the closing ceremony of the House of Representatives — when the Democrats introduced ‘one final bill.’ House Bill 1266 is no rubber stamp legislation. It is 55 pages of radical environmentalism snuck into law with no time given to read and debate. In fact, the paper was literally still hot when they distributed copies about an hour after calling for the vote....
“HB21-1266 introduces the concept of ‘environmental justice’ that seeks to make up for ‘centuries of genocide, environmental racism, and predatory extraction practices” that require ‘the participation of all Coloradans.’ If you live in Colorado, this new law is directed at you, your liberty, and your paycheck....
Indeed, HB-1266 is woke-ism written into lawbooks and energy policy....