The Left Won’t Allow a Peaceful Separation

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Christopher Roach
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American Greatness
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2 August 2021
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Our American Future
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[Originally published January 21, 2019]

... Our Constitution has long accommodated the reality that different communities have different ways of life. They want different rules, have distinct expectations, and each would feel the imposition of the rule of its neighbors as an intrusive affront.
This is not just the principle of federalism but the broader principle of liberty: we are each free to choose our destinies...
The divergence of the desires and needs of the nation’s interior and those of the coastal ruling class has become more pronounced since the election of Trump....
One solution proffered from time to time is a peaceful separation.... There is ample precedent for successful separations... One wonders if everyone has forgotten that our country itself began on the principle of secession....

The Left Is Totalitarian By Nature

Leftism is not simply one opinion among many. For the Left’s votaries, it’s closer to a religion. It’s not enough that one is himself a vegan, drives a Prius, doesn’t own guns, rejects the traditional family, or anything else that goes with the lifestyle. It is essential that everyone else does so. Any deviations are “backwardness” and “divisive” or worse.
That’s the whole point of the term progressive. It assumes history is linear and self-correcting. It takes for granted that there is something objectively correct about the leftist position, and that all reasonable people in time will adopt it. Anyone’s failure to adopt their views is not merely a point of view, it is an expression of selfishness, oppression, and hate. All disagreements are pathologized as moral failings and psychological defects, labeled with pseudoscientific terms like racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and all the rest.
Leftism has evolved to to a point where it is totalitarian and intolerant. This is why the Left finds it unacceptable that a company—a type of private property—would refuse to provide contraceptives to its employees because of its owners’ religious views. This is why it matters to them that some obscure baker does not want to bake a cake. When their rigid and expansive notion of progress is at stake, all deviation is an affront, all other sources of authority, including religion, are secondary, and all people and institutions are enlisted to enforce uniform social standards. This is why “political correctness” is best understood not as some amusing or annoying novelty, but simply as applied leftism.
For all the talk of diversity and tolerance among the Left, this tolerance extends mostly to things most of us do not want to do. Most men and women do not want to change their sex or marry someone of the same sex. Most of us do not intend to leave the country our ancestors built. So the Left gives us the right to do things most of us do not want to do—gay rights, immigration—but takes away things that used to be commonplace, like supporting a family on a single income or governing our towns and cities without having to beg for the imprimatur of a hostile judiciary.
We see this leftist obsession with uniformity internationally as well. It is not enough for France or Germany to destroy themselves with mass Arabian and African immigration; Poland and Hungary must be punished for refusing to do so. “Democracy” has become an Orwellian word at home and abroad...

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