The Left's Elections 'Fortification' in 2024

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Democrats used Covid-19 as an excuse to transform our elections; they are still at it.
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Hayden Ludwig
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American Conservative
Article date: 
24 July 2023
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Our American Future
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The left wants all future elections to look just like they did in 2020, and we have the blueprints to prove it. Covid-19 was the excuse Democrats used to radically transform our nation’s election systems in ways that make them less secure, less fair, and more vulnerable to mischief. Virtually all of the “temporary” changes introduced—ever-earlier voting, mass mail-in balloting, and lax penalties for fraudsters—have become codified everywhere Democrats rule unopposed...

The 2020 election might fairly be called the country’s first all-mail election, given how Democrats changed our laws and procedures to encourage voting by mail simply to defeat Donald Trump. Credit the National Vote at Home Institute for that grift—whose ex-leader, Amber McReynolds, now leads the campaign to seize control of the U.S. Postal Service in order to continue the campaign for all-mail elections...

Every “progressive” group supports that objective, but the left-wing NewDEAL Forum explains why in its “Democracy Playbook” for warping 2024, which the Washington Post endorsed in February...

The parties have known for decades that voting by mail is the least-secure way of conducting elections. That was a central finding of the 2005 bipartisan Carter-Baker report...

Restoration News has written extensively on the premium Democratic operatives place on voter registration, something conservatives gave up on doing 15 years ago....

Conservatives have a big opportunity to be the party of free speech and liberty, but only if they are serious about battling “misinformation” laws and defending the Electoral College...


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