A look inside massive refugee scam in America, Part 2

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Barbara Simpson
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World Net Daily
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8 August 2016
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Our American Future
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(Editor’s note: This is Part 2 in a two-part series on the “refugee scam” taking place in America. Read Part 1 here.)

...The latest information from the State Department is that Obama’s goal is to get 10,000 here by September. According to an AP report, Obama will then appeal to the U.N. to get even more so-called refugees admitted.

Do the American people know what is being done to them and their communities? No...

It’s what Obama wants, and it’s being done.

The interesting factor is that multi-millions of dollars are being paid to religious organizations to coordinate how these people are “welcomed” into the country and what happens when they get here.

Ironically, even though the religious organizations aiding the resettlement of these people are mostly Christian, the majority of the refugees are Muslim.

In fact, the disparity is shocking.

According to State Department figures, in July alone, of the 2,340 resettled, 98.6 percent were Sunni Muslims and 0.6 percent were Christians.

Since the beginning of the 2016 fiscal year, 98.4 percent were Sunni Muslims, and just 0.46 percent were Christians...

As I absorbed the reality of that, I looked at the handout Catholic Charities provided. It was a detailed list of what the “welcoming” committees are asked to do for these people.

The idea is that each parish decides to “sponsor” a refugee family, and have various volunteer committees/teams who will help them get settled and visit with them on an on going basis for several months. The government provides $1,000 per refugee on arrival...

I was stunned at the scope of the gifts and freebies to these people as well as the expected donations of time and effort by American citizens to welcome people about whom we know almost nothing.

Why are we doing this when there are people living in our county – every county – American citizens – who are just as needy?...

 is that the whole thing is wrapped in religion, weighing it down with guilt.

We all pay for it, and the scam goes on.



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