Mexico’s President to Donald Trump: America Is for Migrants

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Duplicitous Mexico has incredibly strict immigration laws
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Neil Munro
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31 May 2019
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National News
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Poor people have a right to migrate to the United States, and migrants should not be stopped by force, according to a letter from Mexico’s president to U.S. President Donald Trump.

President López Obrador’s May 30 letter, provided by the Wall Street Journal, claimed a migrant’s “right for justice,” saying:

President Trump. Social problems are not resolved by taxes or coercive measures. How do you transform the country of fraternity for the world’s migrants into a ghetto, a closed space, where migrants are stigmatized, mistreated, persecuted, expelled and the right for justice is canceled to those who tirelessly seek to live free of misery?

The letter also suggested that poor Mexicans have a right to migrate into the United States: “It is worth remembering that, within a short period of time, Mexicans will not need to migrate into the United States and that migration will become optional, not compulsory.”...

Obrador’s letter did not formally reject or accept Trump’s demand that Mexico block the huge Central American migration into the United States, nor did it directly denounce Trump’s threat to impose rising tariffs on Mexico.

Instead, it repeatedly claimed poor people have a right to move into the United States.

In one section, the letter appropriates the Statue of Liberty as a supposed symbol of legal migration, saying “The Statue of Liberty is not an empty symbol.”

In reality, the statue was built to show other nations how America’s Constitution and culture help create a thriving democracy....


Tucker Carlson: Mexico Is Not America's Friend, Limits to Growth, May 31, 2019:

Tucker Carlson recently opined that Russia presents no danger to America’s election integrity, but Mexico absolutely does threaten through meddling with the opinions of its immigrants who reside here and may even be citizens of this country.

If anything, Carlson understates the case.

It’s been clear for a long time that Mexico is a genuine enemy of the United States. Its politicians may smile and pretend to get along, but they work to encourage Mexican immigrants’ loyal to the homeland and keep those remittances coming — $33.7 billion in 2018, nearly all of which comes from Mexicans of varying legality working in the US.

In 1997, Presidente Ernesto Zedillo proclaimed to the National Council of La Raza [The Race] in Chicago, “I have proudly affirmed that the Mexican nation extends beyond the territory enclosed by its borders.”

Does that sound like a friendly neighbor or is it someone who sees his emigrants as shock troops? The current presidente, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (aka AMLO), though less outspoken is just as likely to hold radical views of all sorts since he admits to supporting socialism.

Tucker Carlson has noticed how unfriendly Mexicans can be, and we citizens should pay attention...

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