Micki Witthoeft Arrested for Laying Flowers for Her Murdered Daughter on the Steps of the Capitol

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Ashli Babbitt was murdered by Michael Byrd during the January 6 protest
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Jim Host
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Gateway Pundit
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9 January 2023
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National News
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The mother of Ashli Babbitt, Micki Witthoeft, was arrested by U.S. Capitol Police at a protest Friday afternoon in Washington, D.C. marking the second anniversary of her daughter’s killing by Capitol Police officer Michael Byrd during the January 6th riot.

Micki was on her way to lay a rose on the steps of the US Capitol on the second anniversary of her daughter’s murder by Officer Mike Byrd on January 6, 2021....

Micki Witthoeft told The Gateway Pundit:

** I appreciate the article that Cara Castronuova wrote, and it was amazing. It touched my heart. And what we do need to remember is every single person involved in this is a person, a human with families and people that care about them, and for this country just to throw them away without due process and without actually seeing what happened that day.

** Rep Troy Nehl‘s recently visited the (DC Gulag) prison, and he obtained visitation rights for these men. After two years they will get to have the opportunity to have visitation starting Friday....

** Back to my arrest. What happened was we went to the Supreme Court to support the Supreme Court taking up the Brunson Brothers Initiative, and it was our intention to go lay flowers on the Capitol steps for the poor people that died that day. Because even people that are on the right side don’t really know about the other three deaths that day. My daughter, Ashli Babbitt, Roseanne Boyland, who was beaten to death by Officer Lila Morris, and names that people never hear Kevin Greeson and Benjamin Phillips, who were killed with flash bang grenades that day.

**  I believe my daughter had a survivable wound.  If they would have acted in a timely fashion, but they did not.  They let her lay there and bleed out like an animal. So shame on them. Shame on them....


January 6th hero of the year: a special tribute to ashli babbitt’s mom from america’s political prisoners! Beautiful video and letters!!  by Cara Castronuova, Gateway Pundit, 6 Jnauary 2022:

Micki has become a full time advocate for the prisoners of the Biden Regime and working around the clock to fight for their release, hosting a nightly vigil for the past 160 days and counting.

“Micki has brought hope to these poor men in despair,” said Cara Castronuova of Citizens Against Political Persecution. “She has shown unconditional love to the ‘most hated’ and forgotten group in America… and literally brought light to these men at the darkest, most terrifying time of their lives. What a legacy for the rest of us to aspire to live by. Micki Witthoeft is hands down one of the most insanely gorgeous people I have ever had the honor of calling a friend. Her heart is pure gold.”...

condemned Jan 6ers, who have been denied adequate access to counsel, family visitation, and even basic medical care, barred from their own discovery, unlawfully detained for nearly two years, and publicly convicted before trial in a hostile district....

***Support Micki and her movement HERE so she can stay in DC and fight for America’s Political Prisoners.

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