Migrant crisis plunges Denver's main public hospital into the red

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$136M blackhole after 8,000 new arrivals made 20,000 visits last year and received treatment they couldn't afford
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Daily Mail
Article date: 
18 January 2024
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Colorado News
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  • Denver's main hospital has provided care worth $136 million that they have no received compensation for, putting the institute at a 'critical' stage
  • A total of 8,000 migrants who came to the city from Central America have made around 20,000 visits to the health system, causing problems for Denver Health
  • These included trips for dental emergencies, mental health counseling and childbirth ...

The rise in costs has coincided with the unprecedented number of immigrants [illegal aliens] who crossed America's border and arrived in Denver. Around 36,000 have arrived so far - many of them bused from Texas - with 18,000 deciding to stay...

Mayor Johnston said migrant aid could cost the city $180 million this year and has asked departments to cut their budgets some 15 percent to pay for it...


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