Muslim Refugees Endanger the Safety of All Americans, but Particularly of Women

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Remarks concerning the 2017 US Refugee Admissions Program
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Limits To Growth
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22 May 2016
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Our American Future
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Following is a memo sent to the State Department concerning the refugee resettlement policies of the government, as helpfully suggested to readers of Refugee Resettlement Watch:

Washington’s refugee rescue project has gone from an expensive do-gooder welfare program to a dangerous national security threat.

The government is not admitting the true victims of Middle East horrors but is instead welcoming the perpetrator tribe: the Washington Times reported last November that among Syrians admitted as refugees, 96 percent were Muslim and only 3 percent were Christians. In the Middle East, Christians are subject to genocide by ISIS and other jihadists, and Christian communities are being destroyed. One tragic headline from NBC: “Has Last Christian Left Iraqi City of Mosul after 2,000 Years?”

Worse, our government has reduced its refugee screening program from two years to three months. However the latest iteration of “good enough for government work” probably doesn’t matter anyway: FBI Director Comey admitted last October in a House hearing that the US cannot adequately check Syrians for jihad affiliation because Washington cannot access Syrian databases. There is no way to do background checks without records, so even the three-month screening is a farce.

Nevertheless, refugees are being dumped in American communities, many of which do not understand the extent to which they are being endangered. President Obama is determined to unload 10,000 Syrians into the country within this fiscal year no matter what the threat. Last September, Secretary of State Kerry announced the US would “significantly increase our numbers for refugee resettlement” despite the danger to Americans, and he noted, “And in the next fiscal year, we’ll target 100,000, and if it’s possible to do more, we’ll do.”

Mike McCaul, Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, observed last year, “Many Americans are understandably concerned about the threat posed by inadequate security screening procedures for refugee seeking entry into the United States. ISIS themselves have stated their intention to take advantage of the crisis to infiltrate the west. We have to take this threat seriously.”

Senator Jeff Sessions, Chair of the Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, has expressed his concern about increased numbers of refugees. Within the context of how immigration of various categories is running at record highs, he noted the diminished ability of the nation to cope with the influx, which is worsened by overcrowded schools, the weak jobs economy and other factors. In September, the senator called for a long-term strategy to deal with Islamist ideology, and that did not include inviting thousands more of them to live among us. Instead, he emphasized the strategy of containment, which America used successfully in the Cold War.

Europe shows the horror Washington is rushing willy-nilly to imitate. For those of us who value women’s rights and safety, the mass sexual attacks that occurred on New Years in Cologne and other cities were a reminder of how bad Muslim diversity can be. On February 15, the AP reported that of the 73 suspects arrested thus far out of more than a thousand criminal complaints, the “overwhelming majority” were refugees, according to Cologne prosecutor Ulrich Bremer.

It’s no surprise then that a word has sprung up to describe the new social reality brought by unrestricted Muslim immigration: Rapefugee. A Google search of that descriptive term can be quite illuminating.

One result of the demographic earthquake is that police have begun telling European women to stay home because authorities cannot guarantee their safety on the newly Islamified continent. Police in Östersund in northern Sweden have warned women not to be out on their own after dark.

Similar warnings have been made in Finland, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Another example: in the northern German city of Kiel, three high-school-aged girls were having an early dinner in a harbor-area restaurant and were mobbed by dozens of hostile foreign men. Two Afghans had filmed the girls and sent the videos to their like-minded associates via social media, and soon 30 men showed up to threaten the German girls. Fortunately, restaurant patrons called the police, and two arrests were made.

When a political group recently handed out pepper spray to grateful women in Vienna, one remarked, “The politicians have incited a civil war.”

The Koran teaches that women are lesser beings, and Islamic men are commanded to have dominion over them. Women are supposed to stay home and not act as independent individuals, so European women are now being subjected to Islamic sharia law in their own communities. Social advances can be lost, and clearly women’s historically improved civic standing is being crushed in Europe now because of the huge Islamic influx.

It’s lazy to think all cultures are equal, particularly where women’s rights and safety are concerned. The west has worked past oppressive social norms of misogyny, and now women are allowed to pursue interests and goals in an atmosphere of freedom, to the general benefit of society.

In contrast, Islam is an authoritarian political system with religious overtones. It does not align with American values of individual freedom and equality under law. Muslims fleeing jihadist wars should be rescued by co-religionists like Saudi Arabia which is rich and can well afford to take them in, but hasn’t.

Bringing historic enemies of 1400 years standing inside western gates is a terrible mistake, and America should stop this dangerous and self-destructive policy. We should learn from the European disaster caused by Muslim immigration and not follow it.


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