NYC To Install 1,500 Diversity Barriers After Latest Terror Attacks

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Diversity Barriers will not stop Islamic terror attacks
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Chris Menahan
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Information Liberation
Article date: 
3 January 2018
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Our American Future
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New York City is planning to erect over 1,500 "security barriers," aka "diversity barriers," in an attempt to prevent Muslim terrorists from running people over with trucks of peace.
From The Hill:
New York City is planning to install over 1,500 security barriers throughout the city to prevent terror-related attacks following recent vehicle-related homicides in the city...
Hopefully those bollards will do more to stop the many vehicles careening into people than Germany's "Merkel Blocks" which don't stop anything...


Diversity Bollards will not stop the Islamic agenda of global conquest. Terrorism is a form of jihad. Learn more about Islamic terrorism, Islamic conquest, and ISIS.
Perhaps we should reevaluate our refugee and chain immigration policies that invite Islamic terrorists to live in our country.