Obama’s Coming Fourth Term

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The shadow presidency may be shady, but it’s hardly secret.
Article author: 
Katya Sedgwick
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American Mind
Article date: 
14 October 2023
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Our American Future
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... I envy the ease and openness with which Russians address the subject of political corruption. How come Russians, with their history of tyranny and repression, get to discuss their unlawful leadership vocally, but we Americans, despite all of our constitutional guarantees of free speech, are totally mum about a very similar situation?

That Joe Biden is not our functioning president is beyond doubt... In the past three years, his mental capacities have declined visibly and precipitously...

It’s clear that Joe Biden doesn’t have the mental agility to lead the country, much less control the nuclear briefcase. The subject of his dementia comes up fairly often, especially on the Right. Yet the question of who is actually leading the country is almost never raised...

The gossip about Joe’s presidency being Obama’s third term has been around for some time. In a fantastic conversation printed in Tablet, David Samuels and Obama biographer David Garrow discussed that possibility...

Texas Senator Ted Cruz recently made a statement that Barack Obama is running the Biden Administration. But this stands in contrast with the rest of the establishment’s silence...

To talk vocally about the nature of the Biden presidency would mean to acknowledge something completely alien to the American psyche... And because we are a country obsessed with race, our first black president can’t be revealed to be subverting our constitutional order...