Open borders Tipton loses primary to immigration patriot

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3 July 2020
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Colorado News
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From the article Two Trump-Endorsed Immigration Boosters Lost Their Primaries, VDare, June 2, 2020:

Colorado Rep. Scott Tipton, a five-term incumbent endorsed by Donald Trump, lost his primary race against an anti-establishment upstart this week.
The media has fixated on the challenger, Lauren Boebert...
Tipton supported increasing guest worker visas and liberalizing immigration law. He co-sponsored several pieces of legislation that would make it easier for corporations to import foreign workers. Last year, he co-sponsored the Farm Workforce Modernization Act, which would legalize millions of illegal aliens and turn them into indentured servants. He also cosponsored the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act, which would scrap country caps and allow Indians to monopolize the green card system. That bill was supported by Big Tech and other despicable corporate interests.
Boebert attacked Tipton’s support for liberal immigration policies....
Boebert also earned the key endorsement of immigration patriot Tom Tancredo. “For 10 years in Congress, I fought hard to secure our borders and enforce our immigration laws,” Tancredo said in radio ads for Boebert’s campaign  “Now I’m asking you to send Lauren Boebert to Congress because Lauren Boebert has the same fight in her that I brought to Washington.”...
The same thing happened in central Virginia a few weeks ago. Rep. Denver Riggleman who received Trump’s endorsement, lost to conservative challenger Bob Good in a landslide....