Is 'Our Democracy' Failing Our Country?

Article author: 
Patrick J. Buchanan
Article date: 
9 October 2022
Article category: 
Our American Future
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Forced constantly by the establishment to choose between them, patriotic Americans may one day come to choose, as did their fathers, the country they love over the crown that rules them....

The crisis today for those who incessantly proclaim, “Our democracy is in danger,” is that millions of patriots are coming to see our incumbent regime, “our democracy,” as faithless and failing in its foremost duty — to protect and defend our country and countrymen from enemies foreign and domestic....

The Biden regime that currently rules us has allowed 3 million migrants to invade our country in two years....

With this invasion has come a flood of the narcotic fentanyl, which last year took the lives of 100,000 Americans...

With America’s currency and economy in his custody, Biden has, in 18 months, run up inflation, that cancer of America’s currency, to 8%, run up the national debt to where it far exceeds the gross national product, and crashed the stock market, wiping out trillions in wealth....

The custodians of “our democracy” are failing in the most fundamental of duties of any political system — to protect and defend the people. No failed regime can justify its permanence by claiming some inherent superiority.


When leftist elites say "our democracy", what they really mean is "our oligarchy".

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