Our Immigration System Isn’t Broken, Democrats Are

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Derek Hunter
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1 May 2022
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Our American Future
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It’s religious dogma to the left: our immigration system is broken and the only fix is more... ;but without amnesty, they aren’t interested in any of it. Which goes to show you that, in fact, the immigration system is not broken, Democrats are.

Our immigration system worked just fine (not perfectly, mind you, but fine) until a few years ago. What happened then? Democrats decided to stop deportations in any real way.

Yes, Democrats had already screwed it up by introducing the concept of birthright citizenship – meaning anyone born here to illegal aliens was given citizenship, a concept so incredibly stupid it’s only been adopted by third world hell-holes and the United States, thanks to Democrats.

But the stopping of deportations made things exponentially worse....

The people flooding over the southern border are NOT migrants. A migrant migrates, hence the name. They migrate with work; when the work ends in one place they move on to the next place.... The illegal aliens invading the country now have no intention of leaving, ever....

But our idiot President does not support deterrence, he’s thrown open the gates. And with the end of Title 42, he’s sending the message that he’s ripping those gates down too....

They want new voters. They can’t attract Americans, so they’ll create new ones instead. That’s why any “fix” they’ll even entertain about immigration has to involve amnesty and “a path to citizenship,” as they always say....


Importing Voters Through Illegal Immigration

By end of first term, 20% of all Americans will be here illegally