People moved to Colorado most from these 5 states in 2018

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About 203,000 residents left the state.
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9 News
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7 November 2019
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Colorado News
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Colorado gained about 239,153 residents in 2018, but about 203,000 people left the state during that same time frame, according to the most recent data available from the U.S. Census Bureau on state-to-state migration within the United States.
That resulted in a net gain of about 36,000 people from the previous year.
... The biggest gain from within the U.S. came from California...
Another interesting note, about 3,400 people left the beaches of Hawaii to come to the mountains of Colorado.
More than 38,000 moved to the U.S. from abroad, according to the data....
State-to-State Migration Flows, U.S. Census Bureau